Earn $400/Article From Online Writing Jobs, a Personal Narrative

Earn $400/Article From Online Writing Jobs, a Personal Narrative

$400/Article is Easy. We'll show you how to get there.
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This book is publisher approved for its high quality and uniqueness.

If you are good at writing and want to earn online using those skills of yours then follow this book for a huge benefit. You can soon start earning in 3 figures.

  • The book is based on personal experience.
  • The chapters are well discussed so that nothing misses out.
  • There are some pictorial illustrations and data included.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

● Topics that sell and topics that don’t

● How to pitch like a pro

● How to write articles that get published

● How to make editors love you

● How to earn money by writing for free

● How to close contracts & negotiate pay 

● How to turn every post into an asset

● How to build an author website

● How to find, attract, and close higher paying gigs

● How to run your freelance operation like an actual business

By the end of this eBook, you’ll know exactly what it takes run a $2,000 per week freelance writing business.

If you are a noob in the field of writing do read this books and find things easy and helpful. The author is always ready for the help.


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