Uploading your work

When submitting your work there are a few important things you should check:

  • Be sure your source files are well organized. It is important that files have a clear naming convention and directory structure.
  • The source code should comply to coding standards. This includes proper naming convention and proper identation.
  • There should be documentation explaining how to use your components if necessary. Also the code itself should be well documented.
  • The item itself and the documentation should be in English.
The upload form

Name & description
Item name and description should describe your item accurately. 

200x200 JPG or PNG

Preview image
640x320 JPG or PNG. The preview image is used when showing your item in listings and is the first image displayed on your itempage slideshow. 

Main file
This is the file people will be able to download. Your main file should be .zip file. 

Screenshot image set
Upload a .zip file containing screenshots of your item. The images must be JPG or PNG

Category & Attributes
Select a suitable category for your file. Select which filetypes are included in your download (you can select multiple items by holding down the CTRL key on Windows or the COMMAND key on OS X). 

Demo URL
This is a URL with a live demo of your item. Please keep in mind your demo url should not contain any links to buy the item elsewhere. 

Tags should be lower case and separated by commas. 

A general rule of thumb is to take the number of development hours multiplied by 1.2. This is just to give you an idea, there a lot of other things that can influence the price of an item.

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